Friday, May 9, 2008

b bronze

Summer is just around the corner and not only do we need to be fit and fashionable but we must be bronze! No ladies, not that orange you see on Dancing with the Stars, but a natural sun kissed glow. Trust us, we have tried it everything, after all we live in south Florida and have become experts on this subject! From smelling like chicken soup to looking like Ross on Friends, we know what we're talking about. If your looking for a steal we highly recommend Loreal Sublime Glow Full body spray which retails for around $9.99 (what a steal!) and can be found at most local drug stores. Now for those of you looking to splurge, we've become completely obsessed (almost too obsessed) with Mystic Tan's new Sunless Tanning spray. This product goes on equally smooth on both the face and body and is enriched with antioxidant botanicals to create healthy looking skin with a perfect glow. Mystic's entire sunless tan line is available at Sephora.
p.s. is there such a thing as spray tanner's anonymous??

b delish

Scarves are in for Spring and just looking at this pink melon scarf makes my mouth water. Pair a bright colored scarf with a simple tee and you can take your outfit from boring to brilliant in minutes. Delish!
To get one around your neck check out

b hip in the kitch

Whether you make it, bake it, or fake it, "Hip Hostess" Aprons will change your domestic attitude! Okay, so I don't love to cook, but I do like to look good in the kitchen! Trendy and chic aprons are now popping up everyone and are making their way into the fashion world with styles ranging from vintage to sophisticated. Check out some of our favorites at These aprons are perfect for everyday kitchen duty or to show off your totally fabulous hostess look!

b chic & cozy

If you are like us, you want to be comfortable when you go to the gym but still exude some type of fashion sense...after all who knows who you will "run" into! We think we have the perfect solution. Bjoy Clothing offers a fabulous line of fitness wear that can take you from the gym to the grocery store all while looking chic and hip. Check out their new styles at
Tyra Banks is a fan of these ultra comfy and trendy threads too!

b fit abs

Love those handles no longer!

Here is a great move from the Xtend Workout method that will help to cinch up those sides just in time for summer!

Scissor Criss Cross: Place both hands behind head. Extend both legs straight up to the ceiling as you lift your upper body. Lower the right leg to 45º as you twist your upper body to the left. Lift the right leg back to 90º and upper body back to center. Repeat on right side. 8 reps slow. Repeat series without stopping in the center, moving continuously from right to left. 8 reps.