Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't gild the lily!

We all know that there are a tons of fabulous must have accessories this season...sassy scarves, loads of bangles, layered chains, and gyspy inspired earings; however, there comes a point when too much can become overkill. As our mothers always said..."don't gild the lily" ladies! When wearing a scarf it is not necessary to also add layers of necklaces, instead pair it with a great pair of danglers and a funky cocktail ring. Consider the scarf your necklace. Now when it comes to those summery halter dresses we are living in these days - axe the scarf and swap it for a great pair of hoops and pile on the bangles, the more the merrier...but don't gild the lily, no necklace required!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

La La Legs!

You will be singing for joy after you get your thighs in shape with this amazing lower body series from the Xtend Workout. You will need a steady surface that will hold your balance (chair- couch - table) while you work your way into your favorite pair of jeans, heck maybe you can even bust out those skinny ones!

1. Stand with  feet in parallel stance open hip distance with both hands resting on steady surface. Lift both heels so you are balancing on the balls of your feet.

2. Plie (bend) your knees and lower your body down to a level that you feel an instant challenge! Keep your upper body lifting tall and maintain that gorgeous dancer's posture.

3. Hold your position for 8 counts then rise back up and lower heels to floor.

4. To advance, lower back down to your challenge zone and then start to pulse your body up and down in teeny tiny movements. Repeat 8 -10 pulses then rise back up and lower heels to floor. Repeat both sets to up the anti!

This exercise should be a killer! You  will most likely feel your legs shaking a bit (or a lot)... that's a good thing. Try your best to complete the reps, but don't be afraid to start out slow.